Thursday, June 2, 2016

I'm BA-ACK! - News & Updates

Hello my fellow geeks! First and foremost, let me apologize for the incredibly long hiatus I took from blogging - there were a number of projects I was attempting to work on, and generally life just got a whole lot busier. But I'm here today to tell you that I'm back, I'm bad, and I'm nation wide! Well, more like internationally wide, given that I live in Canada and most readers are from the US. But you get the picture!

Not only did I want to tell you guys that I'm back, but I wanted to tell you about a bunch of new topics I'm hoping to start writing about very soon for your enjoyment and reading pleasure!
When I first started this blog, I leaned heavily on snail mail posts, where I shared my incoming and outgoing mail, which was more often than not filled with Postcrossing cards. At some point I decided to focus more on different types of writing, and I feel like snail mail posts need to make a comeback. I've been challenging myself to create more unique and creative pieces of snail mail, coinciding with my #PrettyMail2016 movement, and I'm hoping to share more snail mail posts with my fellow iggles and snail mail lovers in the near future :)

I've also recently discovered the joys of finding baking and cooking recipes online, and the satisfaction when something comes out exactly how you hoped it would. I recently made Sansa's Lemon Cakes for a Game of Thrones season 6 viewing party, and they were a huge hit! Even though I'm not a big eater myself, I'll always be finding excuses to cook and bake for other people to enjoy, whilst blogging every step of the way.

I also plan on doing more posts about Crafting & DIY stuff, thanks to my Pinterest addiction XD I'd like to blog more about Tabletop Games as well, and maybe even throw in some more Book Reviews for good measure as I try to complete the Goodreads Reading Challenge I set for myself.
Also, I've created a poll for people to tell me about their current favorite & least favorite blog series, so I can learn more about what you guys love to read and what you could do without seeing here. Please take the time to answer the 2 simple questions by Clicking Here!

So in short, I'm back to blogging, and you can expect to see lots of fun stuff on The Written Word(s) in the near future! I'm back to keeping you posted!

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