Monday, June 6, 2016

#LazyJune Instagram Challenge - Week 1

It's been a while since I picked up an Instagram Challenge, and with how much I love taking and uploading pictures I figured, Why not? This challenge comes from fellow blogger Lazy Lady Life, and you can find a link to her blog by clicking the image above, and her blog is also featured on the left bar under the My Friends heading.

Day 1: Self Love
"A little #SelfLove reminder I added to my planner :)"

Day 2: Get Inspired
"What helps me #GetInspired? Sometimes it's as simple as looking at the various art pieces in my room that I've either bought or received as handmade gifts."

Day 3: Work In Progress
"This #PocketLetter is definitely still a #WorkInProgress - I need to add some more goodies to it, decorate it a little more, and then write a short letter to add in there. Guess I'm a #snailmail perfectionist? XD"
Day 4: Outside
"Took this photo #Outside in the garden at my boyfriend's house. I adore these bleeding hearts, we used to have a bleeding heart bush in the front yard and it was always nice to watch it for that little bit of time when it would bloom."

Day 5: My Routine
"Here's a glimpse of #MyRoutine when I dive into replying to my #OnlineRoleplaying posts - the post I'm responding to is on the left, Word doc on the right to decrease the risk of me losing my post XD And usually Netflix or something on in the background."

Day 6: Coffee
"Never been much of a coffee person, but here's a photo of my first attempt at making myself tea! Yes I'm not kidding XD Found an apple cinnamon green tea at my local Bulk Barn and I thought it might be nice for a daily shot of caffeine that I can't get from coffee. Also this is my favorite heat-up mug of the #TopOfTheRock in NYC <3 p="" veryonedeservestea="">

Feel like joining in? Start following the photo prompts posted above and post them on Instagram including #LazyJune in the description.

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