Tuesday, June 14, 2016

#LazyJune Instagram Challenge - Week 2

So I have another week of pictures from the #LazyJune Instagram Challenge to showcase - click here if you'd like to see my first post, including the original list of prompts. Since each week will showcase an uneven number of days, I've decided to show my favorite photo from each week as the first one :)

Day 10: Weekend Plans
"My #WeekendPlans were to spend as much time as possible with this incredible man right here, and that's exactly how it worked out :) Hung out on Friday (he took me on an errand to Michaels, the man is a saint XD), then we saw Warcraft on Saturday when I was done work, and finally on Sunday we spent the day enjoying the gorgeous weather in Port Dalhousie - he even went on the carousel with me :)"
Day 7: Hand In Frame
"Felt like showing off the bling & the shiny nails b4 heading into work. The necklace was originally a gift to my mom from her parents, and the Steampunk collar pin is something my boyfriend ought for me from Anime North":
Day 8: Imperfect
"An #Imperfect picture for a #snailmail perfectionist XD the top 2 things are #Postcrossing cards (the one in the envelope is a blank postcard requested by a Postcrossing user), going to #Germany and #China, and the ottom one is going to my new #penpal in the US who wants to learn more about Niagara Falls. They're okay cards, but I wish they were better I guess - I dunno XD
Day 9: #TBT
"#TBT to #TorontoComicCon2016 - here's a bunch of pictures of me cosplaying as Chloe Price from #LifeIsStrange and awesome cosplayers and having a ton of fun with my bf @streitenfeld :) #NerdyFunTimes
Day 11: Selfie Saturday
"Catching up a bit on my LazyJune photos - here is a #SaturdaySlfie that I quickly took in the car on the way to work - don't worry, I wasn't the one behind the wheel :P"
Day 12: Lazy Day
"Without a doubt, probably one of the best outdoor places to spend a #LazyDay away from work and home. Sundays are my favorite time of the week, and I regularly enjoy a lazy Sunday with my boyfriend @streitenfeld at his place but this week we decided to get out of the house and explore Port Dalhousie, which was gorgeous. The weather, and everything else, were sheer perfection <3 div="">
Day 13: Nom!
"At work training today, and they didn't have anything that I could eat, so this is my lunch. #Nom.
I have a great story for you though! I went to +TimHortons across from the hotel where the training is happening to use my pocket change to try and buy some food. I was a little short, so I asked if I could downgrade from my large white milk to a small - but they told me not to worry about it. How nice is that? :D The same employee was near my table later, cleaning up the general area. When I thanked her again, she told me to do something nice for someone else today - which I really hope that I'm able to do. I know she'll never read this, but I'dlike to shout out to Carrie at the Tim Horton's across from the Casablanca Inn in Grimsby, Ontario - you really made my day, and you saved my stomach from loudly rumbling in the middle of a training session XD"

Feel like joining in? Start following the photo prompts posted here and post them on Instagram including #LazyJune in the description.

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