Thursday, September 29, 2016

Upcoming Goals - October

With the multiple times I've been MIA on TWW(s) this year, I've been trying to organize my time better, while still working through moving to a new place and starting a new year-round job. This month, I wanted to plan ahead and set some goals for the coming month. Maybe I'll even get into the habit of setting monthly goals and I'll update you on their progress as time goes on. For now, I'm not going to start out too crazy, but there are definitely a few things I'd like to get done - or at least started - during the month of October.
#1: Buy A Planner.
While I do currently have a planner of my own, I've been wanting to upgrade to a new one for a long time now. After doing quite a bit of research online, I've decided that when the time comes, I'll be buying one of the new 2016 Happy Planners - which means that a trip to Michaels is in my future :D If I get to do a major haul, I'll make sure to show you guys all of my new crafting goodies!
#2: Start Crafting & Snail Mail-ing Again!
In order to be able to do this, first I have to be completely finished with this move. Then I have to work with my mother to get our crafting area in the *heated!) garage set up. And then I actually have to find the time and energy to craft again, between working and spending time with my boyfriend, my friends, and my puppy at home.
#3: Prep The Heck Outta NaNoWriMo.
Not only am I super looking forward to participating in National Novel Writing Month this year, but I'm feeling much more confident that I am going to win! I have a pretty decent idea that should give me in excess of 50,000 words if I do enough prep beforehand and flesh out my characters and settings as much as I possibly can.
#4: Schedule More Blog Posts!
I have already had two blog hiatuses this year - and that's two too many! I've barely published ten posts on this blog for 2016, and I will not let that happen again. Since I know that work and this move are continuing to keep my busy, plus November is obviously going to be more or less insane, I'm going to start working harder at scheduling posts for all of you guys to enjoy :)

What are your goals for this coming October? Let me know in the comments! Keep me posted :]

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  1. Totally with you on #3 - I gotta get moving on prepping for NanoWriMo. Good luck on your goals!