Friday, October 7, 2016

5 Favorite Things About Fall

For the heck of it, I'm re-vamping an old prompt (one I've possibly already done before) to share my excitement about the coming season. Summer was amazing, but there are many reasons that I've had to look forward to fall.
#1: The Fashion! Ever since re-watching the second season of Once Upon A Time and seeing Belle pull off the adorable ankle boots/tights/sweater look, I've been dying to try it out again myself. Am planning on picking up some new tights and a pair of black lace-up ankle boots, but then I'll be all set!
#2: Halloween! Last year I wasn't as excited for this holiday, but apparently all it takes is the perfect costume idea, the excuse to bake a bunch of fun treats, and the right people to want to spend it with :) I will undoubtedly be working the evening of Halloween, but my girlfriends are hoping to do something of a sleepover party before the 31st. I want to pick up some cheap decorations, I want to bake a bunch of Halloween-themed treats, and I want all of us to watch some non-scary Halloween movies - The Addams Family is a personal favorite, and to be honest I've never seen Hocus Pocus before, so that one's on the top of the list. It should be a fun and low-key night!
#3: The Amazing Smells! It's only recently that I've begun an obsession with candles, and during the fall I will more than likely be picking up a couple of fall-specific scents. I'm not a punpkin spice fan, but I do love apple cider! I'm sure Yankee Candle will have a few scents that I'll b wanting to try in the coming months.
#4: Fall Colours! The leaves haven't begun to change quite yet where I live, but it's only a matter of time now. Soon everything is going to look like it's been dipped in autumnal colours, and it's going to make afternoon walks a lot more pleasing.
#5: Reading & Cuddling By The Fireplace. Unfortunately, my grandmother's place doesn't have a working fireplace, but my boyfriend's house does! And it's a real one that they have to chop wood for and everything. I'm looking forward to throwing on one of Kurt's sweaters and curling up under his arm with my nose in a good book. His will probably be in his phone, but it's still reading! XD

What parts of the fall are you looking forward to? And if it's already cooled off where you live, what parts of fall are you currently embracing? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Reading is one of my favorite things about the weather getting chilly.

  2. Can I just admit that this post has made me 50 shades of happy - you mentioned all of my favorite things about Fall. :D Plus those outfits are so cute! Okay, so I'm going to go make myself either an Apple Cider or a PSL and I hope you're having a great Fall!

  3. Yes, I love fall! Especially the fashions - tights are my favorite. I also love curling up with a good book when it's chilly.