Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas Wish Lists #1 - Big Ticket Items

The countdown to the holidays began a while ago for me. For most of you, it may have began with American Thanksgiving, but here in Canada, we had our Thanksgiving in early October, so we've had yuletide thoughts in our brain a little earlier. Christmas music started being piped into our radios the day after Remembrance Day, and the shopping season has been kicked off in a big rush since Black Friday. I've been making a Christmas List on my phone for a while now, and for the heck of it I thought it might be fun to share with you some of the things I've put on my list this year. I'd also love to hear what you guys are writing to Santa for this Christmas :D This first Wish List is for some of the bigger items on my list, the stuff that can cost around $100 or more that I don't often ask for.
#1: We R Memory Keepers Typecast Typewriter! Not only would this fulfill my life long dream of being able to own my own typewriter, but it would be such an amazing thing to have and use for my paper crafting! It comes in a few different colours, though I'm actually quite drawn to the pink, which is exclusive to Michaels craft stores. Plus it would make a gorgeous edition to my writing desk :)
#2: HP Sprocket Bluetooth Photo Printer! Just learned about this little baby recently from one of Zoella's videos, though before that I had noticed how much smart phone printer had started to go down in price this year, which is freaking awesome! For a long time I wanted the instax phone printer, but it was upwards of $300 and I didn't feel right putting it on my Christmas list. Now that printer has gone down in price, but then I learned about this one, which comes with its own app that allows you to print photos anywhere wirelessly, plus you can edit them on the fly as well. AND it's got rose gold details, which I adore :D
#3: Knitted Mermaid Tail!!! Ever since I discovered that this beautiful luxury item existed (it was probably Pinterest that brought my attention to it, or possibly an ad on Instagram), I have wanted one so badly, and have not hesitated to tell every single person that I know. It is my main goal in life to become a land mermaid (and NO, Kurt, that would not make me a Land-maid. Why? Because it doesn't, that's why), and this cozy tail would be my first step in achieving that goal. For those days I'm feeling blue, or cold, or even anxious, I bet snuggling up on the couch in my mermaid tail would make all of my problems drift away on an imaginary ocean...
#4: We R Memory Keepers Laser Square Tool! People that invent tools like this know how much of a perfectionist I can be with my projects! XDD This thing is amazing, and it's not just for crafts either! It can help you with things like hanging stuff on the wall, which is really nifty, but I bet I would use it a lot when crafting when trying to make something straight or symmetrical. I bet this would come in super handy with my planner :)

What are some of the big ticket items you're asking Santa for this year? Let's chat about them in the comments below :) Keep me posted!

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