Friday, January 27, 2017

5 Films in 2017 I'm Excited About

Yes, I am still backtracking with these #5FandomFriday prompts :P Well, at least not as much as last week, because I went and I actually got myself informed about some movies that will be coming out later this year. I won't just be listing some movies that I watched the trailer for and I thought "Hmm, that might be good" either, because I thought that about a lot of films, such as Wonder Woman and Ghost In The Shell. I'm sure those movies will be great, and I'm more than positive that the boyfriend will be dragging me to the cineplex to go and see them, but they're not films that I'm genuinely excited to see, at least not yet. So the movies listed below are films that I am honest-to-goodness excited to go and see in theaters!
#1: Beauty & The Beast! First words I said upon seeing this picture: I'm. In. Love. I didn't even have to debate what would be my #1 pick, because this was the only 2017 movie that I actually knew that I would be running to go and see as soon as humanly possible. I love Emma Watson, both as an actress and as an equal rights and women's rights activist. I loved reading about how she refused to wear a corset during the filming of this movie. And this was of course one of my favorite Disney classics as a child (which underlying messages made me really sad when they were pointed out to me as an adult, but since Emma Watson is starring in a recreation of this story, she must have some good reasons, right? Which means I have no guilt in loving this movie!)
#2: Before I Fall! I'll be completely honest, when it finally hit me that the trailer I was watching for this movie was a movie based of the amazing book & debut novel by Lauren Oliver, I had to cover my mouth from squealing. I got to excited, because when I first read this book, I freaking devoured it, I loved it so much! I really hope this film does well at the Sundance Film Festival, and then I can't wait to see it in theaters. I'm sure at least a couple of my girlfriends have also read the novel, so hopefully they'll go with me and it won't just be me alone.
#3: Table 19! This is a trailer that I recently came across on YouTube. Not only do I love Anna Kendrick in pretty much any movie she stars in (which reminds me that I really need to see The Last Five Years ASAP, how have I NOT seen that yet?!), but this actually looks like a genuinely funny and uplifting film. Something about the misfit cast of this movie reminds me of Nicolas Hornby's A Long Way Down - moreso the film than the novel.
#4: The Last Word! This movie looks really good, plus, again, favorite actress alert by the name of Amanda Seyfried! So Shirley MacLaine plays this unbelievably controlling woman that has to have every detail of her life planned out, down to the last tiny detail. Which is where Seyfried's character comes in. She writes obituaries for what I'm guessing is a local paper where MacLaine's character lives, and MacLaine comes into the newspaper office to ask Seyfried's character if she'll write her obituary now, so that she can have final approval of it before she actually dies :P It's a hard task, because most people in this old woman's life don't have a single kind thing to say about her, and the message is supposed to be that it's never too late to build a legacy to leave behind. It looks really cool, and I can't wait to see it.
#5: The Circle! I'll admit, a tiny part of me thought they may have been re-making L.J. Smith's witch series into a film, but of course I knew deep down that I would never get that lucky XD The Circle, one again starring the amazing Emma Watson, as well as Tom Hanks, is about this technological phenomenon, by the looks of it. It looks like it's partly a thriller of sorts, but it looks like there's a big focus on the technology, and it seems really interesting, so this is a film that I hope I'll be able to catch sometime this year.

Let me know in the comments about movies you're super excited for this year! Also, if you've also participated in #5FandomFriday, share a link to your post as well, I'd love to leave it and comment on your post as well :)


  1. Ohhhh The Circle looks good! Thank you, I hadn't seen that one.

  2. YES Table 19 looks great! Thank you for letting me know!! Also anything Tom Hanks and I am in! xx