Saturday, January 28, 2017

My Captured Moment #6: First Toronto Trip of 2017 PART 2!

Hello again! I do love that I had so much to tell you guys about my first Toronto trip of the year that I had to split it into two separate posts. I apologize for getting this one up a little later than I had expected to, but nevertheless, here it is! And if you missed Part 1 of my recent Toronto adventures, just click here so you can catch up on the first part of the trip which involved checking out an amazing exhibit at the AGO.
Anyway, most of our time was spent at that exhibit - we got there not too long from closing, so we didn't have much time to check out the rest of the gallery - we'll be saving that for another visit. We were able to browse the gift shop a little before we left, then we hightailed it to the subway and headed to Snakes and Lattes. By some miracle, even though we had a group of 5 of us asking for a table, we were able to be seated right away, which NEVER HAPPENS! I thought we were being punk'd at first, and I actually straight-up asked the lady behind the counter that, which got her laughing.
Just a quick reminder on names, Morgan is on the left, Tory is on the right. Not sure they actually knew that I was taking this picture... :P
After we sat down, and I finished gushing to everyone (especially my cousin Rob, not pictured) about how good the Italian sodas were, we started by playing the game Say Anything as an ice breaker. I didn't end up winning, but I did stay in the lead for a while just by being silly and crude with what I wrote down XD I think I ended up getting cocky, and that's how victory slipped through my fingers and how Rob stole the win from me.
With Blair and I, it's almost become a tradition for us to play at least one round of Tokaido whenever we come to visit Snakes and Lattes. It's an incredible board game, and I wish I owned it, but I unfortunately can't afford it right now :( At the time, somebody else at another table was already playing it, so instead we opted to play Dixit, and it was a special version that included at least one of the expansion decks in it, which is good because the girls actually own Dixit and therefore know the cards far too well and could easily win just between the two of them.
Also there was a funny message written in the lid of the Dixit game. It reminded me quite clearly of my very first visit to Snakes and Lattes when Blair and I had decided to try and play Pandemic and had found a message for us in the lid of that game box, so I put together a little graphic that I thought might make you guys chuckle. So anyway, our Dixit game was really fun, and even though I started off really horribly at first, I actually ended up winning, and the boost of confidence was just what I needed that day.

While everything had been really fun in Toronto, tensions had been running a little high - there had been some stress in the overall preparation, it had started to rain just as we had left the Eaton Center to go and meet my cousin and then walk to the gallery, and with the overall stress and pressure of being in a new city (or in Rob's case, being with new people, aside from me), everyone was on edge. After Dixit, we attempted to play Pirate Munchkin, but all I will say about that is that nobody had the patience to explain the rules thoroughly enough to those that weren't 100% sure how to play, and it did not go over well. But after that, we played Star Fluxx, and it cheered everything up! Problem solved!
And in case YOUR mood was dampened by that de-railing in my story, here's a picture of Rob's batman plushie with a couple of cute little Meeples stacked on its head to make you feel better :) During this trip we left earlier than we usually would, because it was a Sunday and Blair had to get back to Hamilton to sleep and wake up early the next day for work. From there the rest of the trip was uneventful, aside from parting with Rob where he could walk back to his place safely, heading back to the car, making a quick pit stop in Lakeshore (while passing the dorm building where I lived during my 4 months at Humber College) for a Tim's break and to use the bathroom, when we were all back home, where we belonged. It was a really fun day, and I enjoyed my trip immensely.
Also, you think I wouldn't go on this kind of trip without doing a tiiiiny big of shopping, would you? I'll be honest, I was very good this time, and I didn't spend too much money. At the exhibit gift shop (which is entirely separate from the AGO's gift shop), I just picked up some post cards from some of my favorite paintings. At the AGO gift shop, I found this book of Andy Warhol postcards for a very reasonable price, and so I decided that it would come home with me :) Finally, I had more or less decided before going to Toronto that if they had Sushi Go Party! for sale at Snakes and Lattes that I was gonna pick myself up a copy, and I did!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed hearing about my trip, if you did let me know in the comments below. I'm gonna close out this post with a couple of pictures taken by my cousin Rob, along with a picture of my cousin since I didn't manage to take any while we were out and about in the city. His Instagram will also be linked below if you's like to see more of his photos (also you can let me know in the comments if you see a family resemblance XDD)

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