Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Upcoming Goals - February

Just one more day until February - is everybody ready for it? I hope you are all doing well and keeping up with your New Year's Resolutions thus far, and that 2017 has been treating you well in general. Since I was focused on setting my New Year's Resolutions in January, I didn't bother focusing on any month-specific goals, but I thought about adding a few of those in for this month might be a good idea to keep me in check, both to help me stay on track with my resolutions and to just keep on trying to achieve as much as possible. We'll start off by rewinding a bit to 2016, since I never got a chance to let you guys know how my goals in December turned out.
If I'm being completely honest, I think I may have put a little too much on my place for December to try and get done while also working a whole lot of hours at the store at the same time XP So I wasn't able to make my own Christmas cards, let alone buy any and send them out, and I didn't have a chance to catch up on any of my snail mail. But I didn't do too badly with my Christmas shopping, and I did actually have time for some Christmas baking thanks to Kurt's mom who helped me, and we baked a lot together in her kitchen which was a big help and also a lot of fun. I'll have to remember if I'm lucky enough to still be at my current job next year to not expect to have a whole lot of free time in December for too many extras, and that I should try as hard as I can to try and do some of my Christmas shopping in the months before the rush really starts.

#1: Keep Up The Momentum!
Lately, thanks to the help of a lot of caffeine and probably just a decent amount of luck connected to how motivated I've been feeling to do things, I'm proud of myself with the amount of studying I've gotten done for my upcoming test, and what I'm probably the happiest about is how I've been able to keep up with and maintain my blog lately. Normally it's a miracle if I'm able to keep up this sort of productive momentum for this period of time, and so I'm hoping maybe I can figure out a way to keep extending the positivity, and therefore be able to keep working hard at my various projects.
#2: Prep for Kurt's 27th Birthday!
This coming month, the love of my life will be turning 27 - and on February 14th, no less! It's not like his birthday will be a huge affair, because Kurt's not one to make too big a deal out of these sorts of celebrations or special occasions - I'm pretty sure he's not even taking the day off work, which I've probably already teased him about :P But still, I want to make the day at least a little special for him, and in a way that he won't expect, so I need to start brainstorming, and I've got about 13 days to plan and execute. I've already got some ideas, and I'd love to tell you guys - however, for the rare time that Kurt decides to click onto my blog and read the occasional post, I don't want to risk spoiling any surprises, so you'll all have to be left out of the loop for now.
#3: Pass My Product Knowledge Test!
I talked a little bit about this in my New Year's Resolution post, but one of the conditions of the 6 month probationary period of my new job is that I need to complete a bronze level product knowledge test. Even if I fail the test, I can retake it as many times as I want, so long as I pass it sometime before the 6 months are up, which will be in early months, so the date of my test will be sometime this month. It sounds easy enough, but trust me, you have no idea what some of the questions on this test are like. True, I've learned some interesting facts while studying for this test; For example, did you know that the main spirit in Drambuie is actually Scotch Whisky? Just a little bit of liquor-based trivia from me to you. But there is a lot I'm going to have to memorize in a very short amount of time, so I hope you will all keep your fingers crossed for me!

What sorts of goals have you guys set for yourselves for the coming month? Let me know in the comments below!

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