Friday, March 3, 2017

5 Favorite Ways To Celebrate An Achievement

Howdy, folks! I know this weeks #5FandomFriday prompt is about favorite local coffee shops, and don't get me wrong, I started to write about coffee shops, but then realized that I only had 2-4 that really mattered anything to me at all. Plus, I prefer caffeinated tea over coffee. So I decided to make my own prompt, and who knows, maybe it'll catch on and other Female Geek Bloggers will give this one a shot sometime? Plus, it gives me a chance to tell you all that I got 92% on my Product Knowledge test! AND the test only took me 12 minutes to complete!!! With all the studying I put in, now comes the time to celebrate this awesome accomplishment, and for the fun of it all, here is a list of the 5 ways that I usually pick to celebrate an achievement in my life.
#5: Have a "Party" with friends! When you picture a party, it's probably a lot different than the sort of thing me and my girlfriends would consider an ideal party. Usually it's just me coming over to their place (my 3 best friends all live together) and us shooting the shit, laughing at just about everything, me lusting after my friends' bookshelves filled with tons and tons of books - lately we've sometimes including adding wine to the mix, because we're "grown-ups" now, but that won't stop us from watching Markiplier's gameplay videos from the various Five Nights at Freddy's games XD
#4: Baking Something Special πŸ˜‹Much like I did for my 24th birthday, when me and my boyfriend made Settlers of Catan cupcakes, I think a fun way to celebrate something special is to find an extra-awesome baking recipe online and then attempt to make a bunch of yummy-tasting treats that myself and a bunch of other people can enjoy while also basking in the glow of my recent success. Putting together a coll recipe found on Pinterest, or even from Nerdy Nummies would be a fun way to quite literally treat myself after unlocking a huge achievement.
#3: Trip to Clifton Hill! This location is practically made of fun, and getting my boyfriend or even a group of people to enjoy a fun day/night there is too rare an occasion. I don't care how old I get, I will always love going to Clifton Hill - playing games and winning tickets at the Midway, riding the Skywheel, checking out the Wax Museum and the Ripley's Museum, riding the 3D theatres, playing mini golf, and there's even things there that I haven't done before, like playing Laser Tag! My boyfriend owes me a trip to Clifton Hill, and I'm thinking in the spring when the weather isn't horrible but it's still not insanely busy will be the best time for him.
#2: Board Game Night! Having an excuse to get a decent amount of people together to play board games is always at the top of my list of ways to have a good time! I'm a huge board game/tabletop enthusiast, and I've collected a humble amount of fun games to play with friends. It's usually hard to get more than one other person together to play board games, so a happy occasion is sometimes necessary to get enough people together to play a couple games together. And the only reason that this isn't #1 on my list is because at times, game nights with friends can go from fun to awkward and rage-inducing in a matter of minutes. I'll be honest, this is usually my own fault, and it's something I've been trying to work on.
#1: Toronto Trip! Although I've always said that Clifton Hill is one of my top favorite places in the entire world, I think that Toronto might actually rank higher on the list. There is so much that this city has to offer! I'll admit that my last trip to TO was a bit on the dramatic side, but that doesn't mean I blame the city for one stressful day. Honestly, I would love to take my boyfriend into Toronto, whether it be for a fun day or even a 2-3 day trip. For instance, I really want to take Kurt to the Ripley's Aquarium - I've only been once, on a date with some guy I don't even remember the name of, and I'm certain that Kurt would enjoy it; it really is a super amazing date spot. Plus the city has SO MANY locales designed for fellow nerds.
BONUS: Being Surprised! I'm the type of person who, when I want to go somewhere or do something special with a person or a group, I'm the one who does all of the planning. Truthfully, I do enjoy planning outings and fun days, but it can also be stressful when everyone is relying on me to have fun, and when something goes wrong it's always my head on the chopping block. I've planned everything from weekend trips to Toronto to surprise parties for various occasions. But once, just once, I would love it if somebody would plan something fun for me, instead of the other way around. For somebody to put in the kind of effort to plan something out, figuring out all the tiny details and trying to make sure that I have a good time... That would mean the world to meπŸ’• It wouldn't even matter what the surprise was, whether it was a trip or a visit to the board game cafe in Welland - just the thought and the effort would show me just how much that person/those people cared.

What are some of YOUR favorite ways to celebrate an achievement? Let me know in the comments below! 

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