Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wednesday Wish Lists #32

Happy Hump Day, my fellow nerdlings! For this week's Wednesday Wish Lists, I have put together a set of tantalizing nerd goodies that I've been lusting after. One of the items on this week's list is a little more on the melancholy side, but I've always had a policy of being honest with people, especially like-minded people such as yourself, who I hope will be my future friends :)
#1: Beauty and the Beast Makeup Collection by L'Oreal! I've seen this makeup set advertised all over the place - articles shared on Facebook, on Instagram, etc. Only problem is, this set is limited to being sold in Italy 😔 Let's hope that L'Oreal in the states (and also Canada 😁) get their butts in gear and release this gorgeous set in North America.
#2: CAKE! I really don't know why, but for the past couple of weeks or so, I have REALLY been craving cake! Honestly, it's gotten to the point where I don't even have a preference as to what kind of cake it is, as long as it's cake and it's a type that I can eat XD I could always just bake myself one, but buying one sounds so much easier...
#3: More money for Star Wars: Destiny cards! I absolutely adore this game - the only thing I don't like is the fact that I have only won 1 single game, which royally blows. This is a collectible card game that has become increasingly popular since it was released near the end of last year. A new set of cards is set to be released in May (although the creators keep pushing back the date, so who knows?) and you can buy cards both individually, or you can pick up one of two starter decks - one contains Hero cards, the other contained Villain cards. These starter decks are becoming harder and harder to find, but a whole fleet of them should be getting produced to meet the demand pretty soon, so check out your local card/board game/hobby store on a regular basis.
#4: A Home... I don't think I've really felt "at home" anywhere for a really long time. Since moving into my grandmother's place, it's been nice to relax and stop stressing over all the moving stuff we had to go through, but it still feel like I'm just staying in somebody else's house. And at times it feels like I'm trapped there as well. There's also my boyfriend's place, but he still lives at home, and whenever I'm there I always have a ticking clock in the back of my head for how long I can really hang out until the bubble bursts and I have to go back to "my house" again. Moving out of my grandmother's place couldn't come any sooner for me, and it might be something I need to do for myself first, before it's something I do for mine and Kurt's relationship. Now I just need to work at affording a place...
#5: Boutquetsaber Bundle Pins from BB-CRE.8! Aren't these pins gorgeous?! I first learned about these from fellow Female Geek Blogger +Nina Penalosa's blog post titled "Roses Are Red, TIE Fighters are Grey..." Since rekindling my love for the Star Wars franchise, with many thanks to the card game "Star Wars: Destiny," I've been thinking of getting a few more outfits and accessories that express my love for the franchise. If I had these pins, I would wear them EVERYWHERE! Unfortunately, the red roses pin is currently sold out, so I shall have to wait until it comes back in stock...

What's at the top of your wish list right now? Let me know in the comments, OR tweet me @KacieCruise and we can gush about nerdy things together!

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