Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday Wish Lists #33

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Happy Wednesday, folks! Let me tell you, I always feel the urge to write "Happy Hump Day" at the start of these posts, but hearing it in my head just makes me cringe and I can't bring myself to do it XPP Anyway, I have more pretty things to show all of you, and PLEASE feel free to leave a comment or even tweet me @KacieCruise if you feel like gushing about these items, and we can chat about having similar tastes!
#1: Ariel Green Foil Princess Dress from Hot Topic! I have a weakness for The Little Mermaid, and mermaids in general, and this dress is beyond gorgeous! My favorite part is the draped shoulders, but the neckline and bodice and amazing too. I'm pretty sure that I'll be adding this to my massive collection of dresses this spring or summer.
#2: Stranger Than Fanfiction! First thing's first, let me just say how much I love the title of this novel, because it immediately brings to mind the film Stranger Than Fiction, which is one of my all-time favorites. This story is about four fans that send an invite to the lead actor of one of their favorite shows on a road trip with them, and to their surprise, the actor takes them up on their offer, and having somebody famous join them on the road brings with it a whole lot of complications.
#3: Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con! I cannot tell you just how much I want one of these babies! The console itself looks amazing, and there's so much potential wrapped up in it. I think the #1 reason I want a Nintendo Switch of my own is because I've been watching some gameplay videos of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and I wanna play it SO BAD!!!!!
#4: Pusheen Purrfect Weekend Throw from Hot Topic! This image of Pusheen pretty much sums up what I'm like most weekends - specifically most Sundays when I'm hanging out at Kurt's place, since I work most Saturday evenings. I think I need this comfy and accurate blanket in my life 😆
#5: Luna Silver Holographic Shell Bag! Again, obsession with mermaids! XD This bag comes from the site Pretty Little Thing,  which has a bunch of unique fashion pieces, but this bag stood out for me - probably because it would match the above Little Mermaid dress so well!!

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