Sunday, April 30, 2017

Upcoming Goals - May

Happy Last-Day-of-April, folks! And a happy Sunday to you all as well, for those who actually have the day off XP I've been working non-stop for what feels like forever, but has probably only been two weeks or so. I have my first day off in a long time coming up, and I can't wait to take the day to exhale XD Even with all of these shifts, I've still found the time to set a few goals for May, and I've even had time to reflect on how I've done with the goals I've set for the past two months.
I know just how busy April has been because I've only managed to publish four blog posts, including this one 😞 I didn't even finish my April Goals post in time to publish it XP Last month I vowed to work at saving as much money as possible, to send out more snail mail, and to get out more as the weather has gotten nicer. With the amount of work I've had, I've only made real progress on the first of those goals. In March I had a number of goals as well, but the day after I posted what my goals were, my priorities shifted to wanting to try and start saving so that I can move in with my boyfriend Kurt. But I'm already determined to meet my goals for May, and I have a working plan of action to get me there! 😄
This past month I haven't been doing a very good job at maintaining TWW(s). Some family issues and a pretty crazy work schedule have gotten in the way. As the weather grows warmer and we get closer to summer, I know I'll be getting a lot more hours at my job, and I don't want the blog to suffer as a result. That is why I plan on starting with a new method to organise what needs to be done for my posts, when those things need to be completed, and as I result I hope to bring you all more frequent, high quality content 😊
#2: More Snail Mail!
I may have failed to get a single thing out into the mail last month - and I'm sure this next month will be even busier - but I'm still determined to at least attempt to get some fun things sent out to my pen pals. I have many letters to respond to, and I have one giant package that I've been putting off sending for who-knows-how-long-now. My pen pals deserve the best, and this coming month I hope to deliver! (Heheh, see what I did there? "Deliver?" You get it, right?)
#3: Keep Saving Money!
This goal is one I set for myself last month, and with all of the shifts I'll be sure to get in May, I'm hoping that I'll be able to save even more. My boyfriend and I have figured out a concrete goal to set for ourselves, a dollar amount we want to reach before we seriously start looking at apartments. Figuring in first and last month's rent, all of the start-up costs for things like cable and hydro, plus a little extra to cover a reasonable margin of error, we're working towards saving up $5,000 between the two of us. That number is honestly scary, because I know how long it would take me to raise that by myself, but with the two of us working towards the same goal, it takes the pressure right off.

What goals have you set for yourself for the month ahead? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter, and we can encourage each other throughout the month of May 😁

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