Saturday, May 5, 2018

2018 Bucket List Part 1

Hey guys! This year, I am hoping to make a bunch of pleasant memories & to have more fun & unique experiences. Which is why I decided to create a bucket list for things I'd like to this year 😊 And it's a visual bucket list to boot! It has a permanent home at the very front of my Happy Planner, and it has a spot where I'll be able to include a photo from when I've actually checked the item off my bucket list! Without further ado, here are the first few things that are on my 2018 bucket list.

See the Cherry Blossoms in High Park
This item on the list is probable what inspired me to create this list in the first place - that and the Plan With Me video put up on the Happy Planner YouTube channel - because this is something I've wanted to do for a LONG time and decided that I needed to make a reality in 2018. From years of being obsessed with Japanese culture - and from the number of times I've watched Memoirs of a Geisha and from reading the book - I have loved the idea of these gorgeous Sakura trees that bloom gorgeous flowers and where the wind surrounding the trees is filled with flower petals. Ever since I learned that there was a whole park in Toronto filled with Japanese cherry blossom trees, I've been dying to go & visit while the trees are in full bloom.

See a Film at a V.I.P. Movie Theater
For the record, it's not like I've never been to a VIP theatre before - I went to see Everest with a Toronto friend at one, which is where I realised just how cool these theatres are! You can order a full meal and alcoholic drinks and they'll bring them to you in the actual theatre and you can chow down during the movie. I didn't expect to be a huge fan of the food but the burger I ordered was actually really good 😁 I think going to see another movie at one of these theatres with Kurt would be a really fun date! It's hard to decide on which movie would be best, but even though I really wasn't a fan of the film Everest I still had a really enjoyable afternoon 💓

Take Dance Lessons with Kurt
I knew from the get-go that this one was going to be a long shot - it's not like Kurt is disagreeable, because it's the exact opposite, I know full well that, within reason, Kurt would probably do anything that I asked him to do, but I never want to be the person that takes advantage of that aspect in people. I know a handful of people who have this remarkable quality and I know perfectly well that I can be a selfish person and I wish that I could be just like these people.

Actually, Kurt suggested that we try dance lessons - which is probably because he saw this entry in my bucket list, and also because this year it's his turn to plan a day out in order to celebrate Valentine's Day (yes, I know V-Day was in February, but in February Kurt's folks usually go on vacation and we can't leave their dog Amy alone for too long, so we usually end up doing something belated for Valentine's Day). I don't know if it'll actually end up happening, but I've daydreamed about taking ballroom dancing lessons for years. I did take swing dance lessons with an ex and it was pretty fun (the instructor did make me cry once, but I blame my anxiety for that one), and I've always loved going out dancing. Of course in adult life the only chance to go out dancing is to go clubbing, which is not enjoyable at my age... Even if the only real opportunities to go out dancing in a fun way would involve weddings or events hosted by the Lion's Club, the lessons themselves could be really fun.

Go Zip-Lining in Niagara Falls
For anyone that knows me at all, you'll know that I'm afraid of heights, and I have been since I was a little kid. One of the first books that I finished reading this week was Eric Walters' 90 Days of Different. It was all about this very predictable girl who has recently graduated from high school - not to mention she was dumped by her boyfriend on the same day. Her best friend recognises that what her friend needs is a chance to change things up, to experience new things and take risks in her life. She arranges things so that she has to do 1 different thing every day, and I happened to be inspired by this book to give something different a try - given that I would be strapped in safely, I've come to decide that I won't faint if I decided to try zip-lining in Niagara Falls. The couple of times Kurt and I have been to Niagara Falls since we've started dating, we saw people who were zip-lining and the view on the way down actually does look pretty cool.

So I actually have more things on my bucket list for this year, but I don't want this post getting too long - plus you guys have some more posts to look forward to in the future 😁 For now, hope you guys enjoyed this glimpse at my weekly goals - as for what else I hope to do this year, I'll be keeping you guys posted!

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