Friday, August 31, 2018

Back to Hogwarts Tag

Since I'm no longer a student, I tend to give most back-to-school content on the internet nothing more than a sideways glance - unless it's an advertisement for the backpack sale at Hot Topic of course ;) But when I came across this tag created by Michelle Anneliese, the creator of A Geek Girl's Guide, it reminded me of a simpler time when I used to look forward to the beginning of each school year - I'd figure out my first-day outfit usually a week in advance, I'd take pleasure in organising my backpack, and all the while I was waiting, like everyone else, for my damn Hogwarts letter to arrive!!!

This tag has given me the chance to imagine what it would actually be like to be a Hogwarts student, from favourite hang-out spots in the castle to what my go-to shops in Hogsmede might be. Figuring out the answers to these questions has brought me the closest to that start of school feeling since I completed my final year of university. So I hope you all enjoy, and I hope this post will inspire others to participate as well 🌟

Have to go shopping in Diagon Alley! What store do you go to first?

My favourite part of back-to-school shopping has always been the clothes! Guess that means Madam Malkin's Robes For All Occasions would be my first stop. But one of the many bookshops wouldn't be that far behind.

You’re on the train! What are you getting from the trolley?

As much as I like chocolate, and being able to collect things, I don't think I'd be able to chomp into a chocolate frog after seeing it move. Plus the little thing is probably a lot quicker than me 😝 Guess that means I'll have to give the Cauldron Cakes a try!

It’s time for the welcome feast! Which house table are you at?

Pretty sure there's an unwritten (or possibly written) rule about sitting with your own house, so I'd be off to the Hufflepuff table. I hope I'd be able to easily make friends with some Gryffindor's and Ravenclaw's during my first week though. And I guess a few Slytherin's as well - one of my best friends IRL is a Slytherin, so I shouldn't judge the whole group as a whole.

You get an elective this year! What will it be?

I doubt I'd be all that skilled at caring for large magical creatures (my owl is probably enough of a handful XD), so I think I'd like to try Alchemy, Divination or Apparition. And maaaaaybe Ghoul Studies as well 👻

You’ve got a break between classes! What will you be doing?

I know I didn't spend much of my off-time in university doing any exploring, even though I always intended to at the beginning of each school year, but if I was lucky enough to be a student at Hogwarts I would probably do my best to get some actual exploring done. But not the restricted areas of campus, of course. And if I'm not up for exploring, I'd probably be reading in the Hufflepuff common room.

You get to go to Hogsmeade this year! Where do you go first?

Hard to choose... Possibly Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop, in the hopes that on top of quills there might also be some awesome stationary to browse through. Maybe Tomes & Scrolls because, book shop, duh. Would definitely need to stop at Honeydukes for some sweets, for myself as well as any sweets I can send to friends & family members.

You’re meeting up with friends to hang out! Where in the castle are you all going to chill?

Since I'd like to have a group of friends across all of the different Hogwarts houses, obviously the individual common rooms aren't going to cut it. I think I'd like to find a hangout spot (and possibly even a spot to be alone for days I'm not feeling particularly social) on one of the upper floors, as high up into the Hogwarts towers as I could possibly get. If the owl pen wasn't covered in bird poop then I might consider finding a spot near there XD

The end of year exams are coming up. What test will you do the best at?

I think my highest marks would probably be in Herbology. I've always taken an interest in herbalism, mainly just as research for my writing but I always find the facts that I uncover about different plants and flowers to be fascinating.
And that's it for the Back to Hogwarts Tag! Big thanks to Michelle from A Geek Girl's Guide for creating this tag, I really enjoyed participating! If you'd like to try this tag out yourself, check out the original post with all the prompts here. Comment below with what you think your favourite moments of studying at Hogwarts might be - one of mine would probably be the Yule Ball ✨💗

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