Friday, September 28, 2018

5 Favourite Obscure Fandoms

Happy Friday, everybody! I know it's been a long time since the 5 Fandom Friday tag was active, but I recently realised how much I missed participating in this link-up and how much fun I used to have writing these kinds of posts, so I thought I would occasionally write a post using one of the original prompts that I never got a chance to write about before.

First on the block is a list of my 5 favourite obscure fandoms! Some of these are definitely more obscure than others, and some might eventually make it into the mainstream, but for now these are my rare fandom treasures that I have a deep, never-ending love for 💗
#1: The Cornetto Trilogy. Nowadays a fair number know about at least one of these films - but fewer know that these films consist of a non-traditional trilogy, or that they have been named the Cornetto Trilogy. Try bringing that up in a random conversation (especially if you live in North America where we have Drumsticks instead of Cornettos) and see the number of blank or confused looks you get in response. All three of these films were directed by Edgar Wright, my all-time favourite director, and all three star Simon Pegg & Nick Frost, both of which also helped a great deal behind the scenes in these films as well.
#2: HBO's The Newsroom. Okay, it is an HBO show, which gives The Newsroom a base level of attention and clout as is, and that's before you include Aaron Sorkin's name into the mix (the man behind The West Wing, Molly's Game, Steve Jobs [The good Steve Jobs movie, not the one with Ashton Kutcher], and The Social Network). But even though this show only aired for 3 seasons, it has quite the following and fan base attached to it, even to this day. I have told many a person how I felt that we needed HBO's The Newsroom to come back on the air, to cover this Trump presidency from the very beginning in the hopes that Sorkin's writing can bring some hope (and high-brow laughs) to Americans everywhere - and to this Canadian girl right here, of course 😉
#3: Hey Ash What'cha Playin'? The web series created by brother-sister team Ashly & Anthony Burch is still a go-to series for me to re-watch, especially when I'm having an off day and need a few laughs. Since they started HAWP, Anthony has worked at Gearbox Software to write games such as Borderlands 2 and he was one of Forbes 30 under 30 in 2015. You may know Ashly Burch as a phenomenal voice actress, known for bringing life to such characters as Tiny Tina from the Borderlands games, Chloe Price from the Life is Strange games, and Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn

Their web series, originally created for Game Trailers, stars both of them as well as their father and occasionally their friends. It centers around video games at its core but also manages to hit on topics such as gender roles. And, y'know, the series is awesome! If you don't believe me, ask yourselves, if these guys aren't awesome, why did Volition create the Burch siblings and Papa Burch as DLC content for Saints Row IV, huh? Yeah, that's what I thought 😆
#4: Animal Crossing Games! This entry might be a confusing one, given that Animal Crossing is possibly one of the most successful series that Nintendo has ever produced. However, after the last time Animal Crossing: New Leaf was updated in 2016, and before the recent announcement of an Animal Crossing title set to be released for the switch in 2019 (Who else is as excited as I am?! 😄 Feel free to gush in the comments and I will definitely join you!), the number of people still enjoying the 3DS game on a regular basis dwindled drastically.

That being said, a large number of online communities sprang up around the game. There is an entire marketplace on Reddit where you can try and buy, sell, or trade various furniture pieces, flowers, fruit, etc. And a number of creative souls have created custom designs for their towns and shared them on Pinterest, Tumblr, and all across the rest of the internet as well. Nowadays, ACNL is a fun niche that not a lot of people are aware of. I particularly like to watch people who stream this game as well as Happy Home Designer, and I usually have one of these streams playing in the background while I'm relaxing with my own 3DS.
#5: Snail Mail! Us Iggles (members of the International Geek Girl Pen Pals club, for those who are living under an online rock) will be the first to tell you that snail mail is far from dead! Writing letters, decorating post cards, and sending packages and various other forms of happy mail is something that I love to get excited about. A passion for the written word (😉) and handwritten sentiments is something I share with a wide community - or at least it seems that way. When compared to larger-scale fandoms, even other paper craft fandoms such as scrapbooking, a love for snail mail is still fairly small in comparison.

And there you have it, my 5 favourite obscure fandoms! What are some of your favourite fandoms that you might consider to be obscure? It's harder to narrow down than you think, trust me 😛 Regardless, share with me in the comments below so that we can fangirl out together.

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