Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Wednesday Wish Lists #35

Hope everybody's having a good Wednesday so far 😊 I know this mid-week hump can be difficult to muscle through, even when we try to focus on the coming-up weekend just over the horizon. If you're one of those people that's struggling to make it through the mid-week, know that I'm always around to send you funny & encouraging .gif's throughout the day in the hopes of making you crack a smile 😄 Don't believe me? Tweet me @KacieCruise and we'll have a good, old-fashioned, positivity-filled .gif-off XD

Until then, here's one thing - or five things - that make me smile on days when I'm struggling. In a world with such cool things in it, from subscription boxes to Her Universe dresses, you can always find something to put a smile on your face.
#1: Planners Anonymous Monthly Kit w/ Stickers! I've been pining over this subscription box for months now. Typically when I'm planning in my Happy Planner, I like to exclusively use the stickers created by Mambi, but I've learned from YouTuber and fellow Happy Planner girl Heather Kell that there are so many projects you can create using these beautiful kits! They can be used to create themed inserts for your planner, or for happy mail, among so many other possibilities. I tried pretty hard to get someone to gift me with a year of these boxes as a birthday gift, but nobody took the bait 😝
#2: Her Universe Tangled Ombre Dress from Hot Topic! Seriously, how can you not be in love with this dress? It helps that in a couple weeks I'll be attending a local Lights Festival, which is very much like the lantern festival held in the Disney movie Tangled, but I feel like this would also be a perfect dress for so many other occasions!

#3: Monthly Mermaid Cove Crate! Okay, I've been obsessed with mermaid stuff my entire life, but lately this obsession has been kicked into overdrive (although I can't reveal exactly why at the moment 😉). Thus monthly subscription box seems like the perfect way to express my mermaid obsession and to show it off to the world! I could easily use the decor items to create my very own mermaid grotto to escape to in the real world.
#4: 3DS w/ a Capture Card! For my recent birthday, I was gifted with an Elgato capture card - TL;DR it will allow me to record & stream videos of me playing games on older consoles, such as my Wii, GameCube, or XBOX 360. Unfortunately, in order to record 3DS videos, which I badly want to be able to do, I need to send away my 3DS and get a capture card installed. I could also buy a new 3DS w/ a capture card, but I doubt I'll ever have that kind of money. This is something I hope to save up for in the future.
#5: Various Happy Notes™ Notebooks from Me and My Big Ideas! When these were first announced by MAMBI, it seemed like nothing more than a cash grab, but once I saw a few flip-through of these heavily customised notebooks (and also learned thanks once again to Heather Kell about all of the different things you can do & make with them), I was hooked and started trying to figure out how to get my hands on a couple of these. Recently they became available on the MAMBI site, and while I could potentially order a couple for myself at any time, I want to wait because I'd like to save up until I can buy a couple more - I want to use them as a base to create a couple of super unique Christmas gifts 🎄

That's everything on my wish list for this week! Do any of these items spark a shopping lust deep in your soul? Let me know in the comments below!

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