Thursday, November 12, 2020

Wednesday Wish Lists - PS5 Edition

Okay, so it's no longer Wednesday, but better late than never! 😆 Plus it actually works out that I'm posting this today, because today marks the global release of Sony's newest console, the PlayStation 5! And I am proud to tell you that I was able to pre-order my own console, and I will (hopefully) be picking it up today, probably right around the time this post goes live.

That being said, I didn't pre-order any games to go with the PS5 (because the cost of the console itself was enough self-indulgence to last the next 10 years XD). Luckily I ordered the version of the console that includes a disc drive, and the system is backwards compatible, so it's capable of playing PS4 games. I don't actually own a PS4, but my ex does and I did buy one PS4 game for myself 2 years ago, so I'll still have something to play once I get this new console set up! That being said, a big chunk of items on my Christmas list this year will be games for the PS5, and I thought I'd have fun showing you all the top 5 PlayStation 5 games I'm hoping to receive - either under the Christmas tree or sometime in 2021, since not all of these titles will be out in time for the holiday season.

Game #5: Marvel's Avengers!

Fun Fact: I once cosplayed as Kamala Khan when attending the Marvel-themed Geek Girl Brunch event in Toronto back in 2015. Specifically, I wore the outfit pictured on issue #1 of Ms. Marvel that came out back in 2014. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my cosplay to show you, my bad everybody 😓

Honestly, this game wasn't even on my radar until a week or so before its release. A friend of mine told me about how excited he was to play it, and he actually stayed up until past midnight when it came out, both to play it as soon as possible and to stream himself playing it. When he told me about it, how there was an actual plot within the game, and that it starts off with Ms. Marvel essentially bringing the members of the Avengers back together, I immediately wanted to play. This iteration of Ms. Marvel, aka Kamala Khan, was the focus of the very first comic book I ever bought, and I absolutely adore her, both as a character and for the nostalgia factor.

Game #4: Cyberpunk 2077!

I'd heard about this game through my ex-boyfriend, who showed me one of the earliest teasers from the game years before any gameplay would be ready to be showcased to the public. I knew he was excited for the game, and that had me slightly excited by proximity. But I really started getting excited for this game leading up to and after E3 2019, where they showcased a trailer for the game, as well as revealed a particular celebrity who would be playing a character in the game. Because that moment at E3 2019 was too remarkable for words, I'll include the video below so you can see for yourself - maybe it won't feel as thrilling as it did while watching this streaming live from California, but maybe it will still get you hyped for this game.

Game #3: Watch Dogs: Legion!

The overall premise of the Watchdogs games have always excited me - the idea that you play as a guy who can hack virtually anything around him - people's phones, nearby screens, security cameras, and so, so much more! I once rented the first game, and I'll admit I got stuck on a mission pretty early on - I've never been particularly skilled at games that require stealth missions. But this game takes everything I loved about the original concept of the first game and puts it on steroids! You can play as multiple different characters, all seemingly normal people that blend into a crowd with ease - an investment banker, a DJ, even a little old lady - and you use your hacking abilities as well as a whole plethora of new skills and abilities to help out the greater good in the setting of New London. Even if I end up getting stuck early on in this game, I really, really want to own it so I can try playing it as often as I'd like!

The coverage of this game from E3 2019 was also particularly amazing - click here to give it a watch!

Game #2: Hogwarts Legacy!

Disclaimer: I'm aware that many people in the HP fanbase are conflicted regarding whether or not they should purchase this game, so as to not support someone who has publicly come out against the trans-gendered community. Rest assured, whether I receive this game as a gift, or if I end up purchasing it for myself, I have every intention to save up and make a financial contribution to a charitable organisation that supports trans-gendered people and their rights, in order to offset whatever money J.K. Rowling might receive from my purchase. If you have suggestions for charities I might donate to, please comment below with any recommended organisations.

Let's be real: Who hasn't read the books or watched the movies and wished that they could be a witch or wizard attending Hogwarts? I'm sure there are many of us who are much older than 11 and are still waiting for our letter to arrive! 😜 So far there's only been a single trailer for this game that was posted about a month ago, but it honestly looks like this game will be incredible.

The game will take place at some point during the late 1800's, according to the trailer, so long before the events of the original Harry Potter series. The company that helped to create both of the Harry Potter mobile games also had a hand in creating this title, which is actually a vote of confidence in my opinion. There isn't too much known about the storyline of this game, but the trailer does indicate that there will be an underlying plot, and it won't just me a magical academy simulator that takes you through all 7 years at Hogwarts. It's also not strictly limited to the castle walls, and there are parts that take place outside the school, and even outside the school grounds as well. There will be magic to learn and dangers to face, and if this game wac actually coming out in time for Christmas this year, it may have squeaked its way into the #1 spot. But alas, we'll have to wait until 2021 to give this game a try.

Game #1: Assassins Creed: Valhalla!

I'll be honest, I don't know much about the vikings, and I know little to nothing about what this game will consist of. But the reason Valhalla takes the #1 spot is because it is an Assassins Creed game, and I have always enjoyed playing games from this series! I haven't personally played every AC game out there, since the newest console outside of the Nintendo Switch that I own is an XBOX 360, but I hope to get the chance to play the lot of them someday.

I've never found myself feeling disappointed in an AC game, even if I end up getting stuck on a mission because my gaming skills aren't up to snuff. 😝 Even if I know little to nothing about Nordic history or the vikings, I already know that I am guaranteed to enjoy my time playing this game, which is why it gets the #1 spot on this list. 😁

Honorable Mentions:

Borderlands 3: I adore the Borderlands series, even if I've played less than 20 hours combined of any of the main games in the franchise - this does not include Telltale's Tales from the Borderlands, which I did complete in its entirety, and it was undoubtedly one of my favourite Telltale games. I've seen bits and pieces of gameplay from this game, and I'm not sure sure how far I might get in this game, but I'd still love to get my own copy in order to give it a fair shot.

Marvel's Spiderman & Marvel's Spiderman: Miles Morales: I've watched a few hours of gameplay from Marvel's Spiderman, but even from that small amount of time I already know what everyone else does about this game - that it's amazing from beginning to end! I hope I get the chance to find that out for myself.

The Witcher 3: Another classic game that I've never had a chance to play because I don't have a powerful enough gaming computer to run such a game. I've already ruined a large number of story-centric games by watching let's plays on YouTube, but I've refrained from learning anything about this game because I'd really like to experience it for the first time by actually playing it.

 And that concludes my list of the PS5 games I'm most looking forward to getting my hands on, either for Christmas or at some point after the holidays are over. Comment below or tweet me to tell me about any upcoming games that are currently on your wishlist, and also let me know if you were lucky enough to pre-order your own PS5 console as well!

Keep Me Posted! 📮💟

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