Geeks Run The World

If you or someone you know would be a great geeky candidate to be interviewed and featured here on The Written Word(s), please contact me at kcrules48[at!] with the subject line Geeks Run The World Nomination. If you choose to nominate yourself, I do have one small rule: you must also nominate another fellow geek at the same time. (if you can include the person's email with your nomination I would greatly appreciate it.)

The Awesome-Roster of Geeks!
Diana Arellano
Franny Young
Claire Addison
Shawna Miller / Scrawny Girl
Amanda / AmavonGeek
Helen / NerdishMum
Sarah Bonilla / AdventGeekGirl
Zoë Gulliksen / BookishBelle
Ari Carr
Jen / SparkleGirl
Amber Lauver
Toni / Little House of Crafts
Mia Moore/xoMia

House Prefects Spotlight!
House Granger - 03/15-08/15

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